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Frequently Asked Questions

How many medals will my display hold?

This answer is all a matter of personal preference as to what you think looks best. Our displays are very sturdy and weight has not been an issue what-so- ever. Some have put up to 12 medals.

After I place my order, how long does it take to receive my display?

Orders of our standard displays are usually processed and shipped within 24-48 hours, and delivery can take up to 5 business days. Please allow for 2-3 extra days of processing time for custom displays. You should receive an automated shipping notification within 24 hours of shipment. Expedited shipping is possible, just contact us.

How much is shipping?

If you purchase 2 or more of our medal hangers, shipping is FREE. On single orders within the US the price is $15. On orders shipped within Canada the cost is $12.

Do you ship Internationally?

Absolutely! We mostly ship to North America, including the US and Canada. We do ship to many European countries. Our shipping calculator should calculate this for you. If you have further questions, please contact us.

What is the return policy?

Sports Medal Displays offers an excellent return policy. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all standard displays! This means that if, for any reason, you'd like to return it you are more than welcome to do so within 30 days of the receipt of purchase. To return a display simply contact us with your intentions. We do not accept returns of custom displays, however, if there's an issue, please don't hesitate to contact us. Above all else, what is most important to us is that our customers (YOU!) are satisfied.

Can I get a custom display with more characters or detail than what is available on the catalogue page?

Absolutely! Unique displays that are completely personalized! The process works like this: contact us explaining what you had in mind. From there, we will design what we think you're looking for and email you a rendering of what the display would look like. You can choose to accept it, critique it, or decide on something completely different. If you critique it we will make revisions and send it back to you! This process will continue until you are 100% satisfied with the design! The best part is we do not require a deposit before we design your display! YOU get to see exactly what it will look like before you ever cough up a dime!

How are custom displays priced?

Custom display pricing is based mainly on size, as well as complexity of design please contact us.

What if my display gets a scratch in it?

As with all aluminium products, scratches are sometimes unavoidable. Minor scratches can be buffed out with a medium-coarse Scotch-Brite pad that can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure to buff the display by rubbing horizontally in the direction of the grain! If you rub the pad vertically against the grain, it will surely be noticeable. Major scratches in a display will result in the display needing to be ran through an industrial abrasive grainer. We would be more than happy to remove your major scratches for free, just pay shipping and handling.

What should I do if my display gets dirty, dusty, or fingerprinted?

Display maintenance is simple. Any standard aluminium cleaner will have your display sparkling in no time, just as if it were a new stainless steel kitchen appliance. Sometimes it can be beneficial to use a paper towel as opposed to a cotton cloth to wipe the display, as cotton can get caught on the sharp edges/corners of the display and leave cotton residue. It is also wise to spray your paper towel/cloth first, then wipe it on, as opposed to spraying the display directly, which may result in overspray on your wall.

Where are your products made ?

We are a 100% Canadian company and all our products are proudly made in Canada.